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Full-Text Search

Each resource property value is indexed and searchable by Fix. Full-text search criteria is always enclosed in double quotes.


This command will search for above IP address in all properties of all resources. It splits the search term into tokens and matches those against the index.

Combining Different Search Terms

It is possible to combine different search criteria with and and or. Above search could also be expressed like this:

"167" and "123" and "13" and "102"

but allows for any other combination.

("167.123" or "192.168") and

Combining Other Filters

Full-text search queries can be combined with other filters to narrow down the search results. Take following example as inspiration, that uses a kind filter and predicates in combination with a full-text search term.

"" and
is(load_balancer) and
age > 3w and
nr_nodes > 0